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Europlate Vibration Exercise Machine by VibraSlim

VibraSlim – Well built Vibration Exercise Machines

The Europlate vibration training machine is your best choice for top quality vibration equipment. The Europlate combines a modern design with advanced functionality and quality construction. Working with today’s top athletes, doctors, trainers and therapists, VibraSlim developed the Europlate whole body vibration to provide the most thorough and effective workouts possible. Our unique design provides you with a full body workout in only 10 minutes.

Vibration fitness exercise is the fastest growing fitness sector today, due to the fast, measurable and visible results vibration users are achieving.

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Health and Fitness Benefits with Vibration Fitness Machines

Download VibraSlim BrochureFor Years whole body vibration training has helped people get motivated and reach new levels of fitness. Vibrating fitness machines are used worldwide wide by doctors as an effective tool to get their patients back into top form after injuries or prolonged hospital stays. Whole Body Vibration Exercise is perfect for those who have not regularly exercised and have become out of shape. With vibration fitness you are able to get your body back into shape fast and enjoy every minute of it, only ten minutes a day!

More trainers, doctors, chiropractors and therapists are using vibration fitness machine training than ever across the USA and Canada with fantastic results. If you are looking for an exciting new workout program whole body vibration could be right for you. Read our brochure and learn more about vibration fitness machines and why VibraSlim is the leader.

Michael Ventrella – Winner of the Biggest Loser 2010

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Quality That Can Not Be Matched – VibraSlim Vibration Exercise Fitness Plates!

vibration fitness warrantyThe Europlate® is the perfect balance of quality, superior design, power, mobility and price.  No other vibration exercise machine in its price range is comparable and all of those are made in China. Chinese made equipment is no where close to the same quality and reliability. If you buy a Chinese made machine, be prepared to have to deal with the hassles of getting it fixed. This is no secret to educated consumers. Chinese products are made to be disposable and never designed to be repaired, they are designed to be made as cheaply as possible.  But as important as that is, that is not the only difference. When you compare VibraSlim’s features: vibration speeds, auto programs, engineering design, DVD training videos and our unique upper-body exercise bands, your decision is clear…. the Europlate®. No one has more specialized experience or has committed to research and development of vibration fitness than VibraSlim.
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Compare Cost of Vibration Fitness Machines

It is clear when you compare the Europlate® to other vibrating exercise machines, that other equipment does not have the same quality or warranty coverage that VibraSlim provides. You can easily spend more on a machine that does not have the same features, advanced design and the bonus upper body exercise bands. Why buy an imitation when you can buy the original!

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Whole-body Vibration Machine Buyer Tips& Advice

To help guide you through some of the incorrect and promotional based information spread by some retailers, we have the following guide to help you make an informed decision. Vibration Exercise, being a fairly new science to North America, you will find a lot of false and misleading information  on the Internet and other places. An informed buyer is a smart buyer, so we want you to have the tools to make and educated purchase. Here are the top 10 buyer points you need to know before you buy a vibration exercise machine:

  1. Is the vibration machine made of high grade steel. Many other fitness machines have key components made of plastic.
  2. Watch out for machines that are made in China. Do not throw away your hard earned money, they are very unreliable.
  3. Are you buying from a retailer or the manufacturer? It is always better to buy direct from the manufacturer. If you buy from an online retailer there is no guarantee that they will honor the warranty or even be in business when you need help. There are some unscrupulous websites that are in the business of selling vibration machines but will not be there for repairs or other problems. Some of these nice looking websites are actually home based businesses selling cheap machines. BEWARE THIS IS COMMON!
  4. How good is the Warranty? Is the seller an established and reputable company? Warranty’s are only as good as the company behind them.
  5. Does the Vibration Machine have triangular oscillation vibration? (beware of piston type).
  6. How quiet is the machine?. Many vibration machines when in operation are very loud and/or shake your entire house, due to poor design.
  7. Is it equipped with vibration exercise straps for upper body use? VibraSlim’s unique exercise straps multiply the exercises you can perform and increase your positive results.
  8. The Vibration exercise machine should produce the proper vibration frequencies. Many machines do not. Many of the Chinese machines say they do the correct frequencies but in actual fact they do not. Without the correct vibration the machine will be ineffective and even dangerous.
  9. How much room does the machine take  up and is it easy to move around?
  10. Don’t be fooled by the price!!!!!! There are many sellers of expensive vibrating exercise machines that are actually of very low quality. Most of these are part of Multi Level Marketing (MLM) schemes and they have enormous markups. Expensive DOES NOT MEAN QUALITY. And when it comes to service with MLM sellers, once you buy it, that is the end of your service. Don’t buy from someone just selling vibration equipment, buy from a seller that is IN the vibration equipment business, so that when the sale is done they will be there to support their machine.

This list comes from VibraSlim’s 8 years of experience in the vibration fitness business and the knowledge we have gained over that time. We have taken hundreds of calls from distressed customers that bought from other companies and websites that needed help or that were unhappy with their purchase. Unfortunately there is little we can do to help them. The cheap copies of our equipment they bought may look similar but they are not at all the same.

Why Are VibraSlim’s Europlate® Vibration Exercise Equipment so Reasonably Priced?

The Europlate® exercise machine is very affordable for many reasons. VibraSlim is the manufacturer and sells directly to our customers. Bypassing the expense of retail stores, showrooms and distributors, keeps our prices much lower and then we pass these savings right back to our customers. If the Europlate was sold in retail stores our overhead costs would be drastically increased, so we do not work this way. VibraSlim has been built on word of mouth referrals from our thousands of happy customers so we do not have to run high priced advertising campaigns, saving us more money to pass on. VibraSlim customers are continuously sending their friends to us because they believe in our product and customer service. Two out of every three sales comes from a word of mouth referral! Our unique business model and our satisfied customers make the Europlate® the most afford-ably priced quality exercise fitness machine available today. Our commitment to quality, customer service and great prices keep us as the #1 brand in the USA and Canada.