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Get the #1 Vibration Fitness Machine – VibraSlim Quality

VibraSlim’s strict manufacturing and materials standards ensure that only high grade steel, advanced quality electronics, impact resistant plastics, grade A rubber upper body bands and our silver high gloss paint are used on all of our equipment. These standards have kept VibraSlim the leader in vibration machines and #1 in customer satisfaction. Every machine is subject to our 32 point Quality Assurance testing, that verifies that every machine is up to our high standards and is creating the correct vibrations you need to get results. Our testing is unmatched in the USA and Canada.

You will find many people selling cheap Chinese made machines online and in retail stores, selling them as quality equipment. Beware, these machines are mass produced using the cheapest steel, electronics, bearings and plastic, and they have an extremely high failure rate. When they do break down repairs are a big problem. These cheap machines were never made to be repaired and you could easily lose your entire investment. We have heard this story hundreds of times from people who bought these Chinese machines that have no quality controls in place. Don’t buy a machine that has not been calibrated properly and that is destined to break down on you.

Know who you are buying from. There are certain websites selling these Chinese vibrating exercise equipment that are actually just people running the business out of their house. They have nice looking websites and you would never know, except when you need you broken machine fixed and they will not return your phone calls. Once you have bought the equipment, you are on your own.

VibraSlim has been the most trusted name in exercise vibration machines since 2004. We have the best warranty in the business and the highest customer satisfaction. Our vibrating exercise machines are built to last, worry free for years and years, but if you ever have a problem, you know VibraSlim is right here to take care of it.

Buy Quality… get a VibraSlim fitness machine and get results & peace of mind.

Europlate Specifications

Europlate – the standard in Vibration Exercise Machines

The Europlate is only sold direct to our customers, no middle men or distributors. By keeping our overhead low we are able to pass the savings on to our clients. VibraSlim has  no retail stores or showrooms. We instead invest in building quality vibration equipment and are able to sell it for less. Our company has been built on word of mouth referrals so we have no need of expensive ad campaigns, our customers are our best marketing! Over half of all our sales come from referrals from VibraSlim customers.

Our unique business model has made VibraSlim the leader in whole-body vibration machines and saved our customers hundreds of dollars.

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