Review on Vibration Exercise Machine

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As it is summer, you will find that many companies are selling various kinds of diet plans, programs, slimming oils, teas, soaps etc. that they will claim to help you slim down in just a couple of days. However, these advertisements are misleading and do not fall to the traps of such marketers. However, a new type of machine that has really been known to work has been introduced. They are the vibrating weight loss machines.

Vibration Machine Review:

I was really skeptical on whether vibration and weight loss were connected because of the many scams that we have to face every day. I was really intrigued as well as skeptical as to how a vibrating machine can help me get the desired fit and toned body that I have always dreamed of. When I was first introduced to this device, I had tough time believing about its effectiveness. I began to do some research. I saw that many TV personnel, be it TV show stars or sports star, were using this type of vibrating exercise machines to keep their body fit and toned. I also found out that these vibrating exercise machines can help in all sorts of workouts, be it in training, in stretching, for therapy sessions and also for all kinds of core workouts as well. What surprised me and intrigued me the most is that these vibrating machines had also been adopted by various medical professionals for chiropractor, spinal therapy and also for physiotherapy. They were also the people who were non-believers like me and laughed at the idea of vibrating machines some few years back. Now, because of its effectiveness, their view on vibrating exercise machines have changed and this helped me to have enough courage to order a vibrating exercise machine for my family.

I found the machine to be easy to use and to be really effective. After using it for just once, I could have some idea on how the mechanism of vibrating machines helped to make our body fit. When you contact your muscle and thus your muscle gets stretched under force. This causes your muscles to have small tears and then the tears are rebuilt by your body and in a much stronger way. The vibrating exercise machines use the same mechanism. However, they use really small movements and the movements have a length of just 3 millimeter to 10 millimeter. As your muscles contract and stretch under force, they get habituated to the vibration and the complete body vibration helps your body to get toned. You can get a full body vibration workout in just ten to fifteen minutes.

I was really satisfied with the muscle workout as I could see the benefits of using the vibrating machine in just two weeks. I just did not get a fit and toned body but I was really happy as I was able to lose weight. I had been struggling a lot to lose weight but the diet programs did not work well for me as I would gain weight right after I stopped following the diet. I was happy to see that the effects of using the vibrating machine lasted long and I hope that it will last for longer period of time.

With my fifteen minute vibrating workout, I can now get the same result as a 60 minute cardio exercise. This helps to get more time for other works. Also, my friends who used to do cardio exercise fell into the yo yo effect as they started gaining weight right after they stopped with their exercises. The vibrating exercise machine helps to maintain the weight set point thus you can enjoy long term weight loss.

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