Study of Full Body Vibration and its Health Benefits

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Using vibrations to improve the performance of muscles in the human body is an ancient art passed down from the Vedic monks in India where they used a certain sequence of meditation hymns to create vibration throughout the body. This process of creating full body vibration was then passed on to the western world through the ancient trade routes and the practice has just recently gained popularity again.

This method of weigh loss exercising works more effectively than the non vibration exercise regimes as these micro vibrations help to loosen up your stored fat making it easier for your body to dissolve them and use them up. This is the same process that our body uses when we are near death by freezing. The shivering that we experience when we are very cold is this process being applied in order to produce more heat in your body by burning off some of your excess fat. This is why following a whole body vibration exercise plan works much more effectively at shaping you up than other more traditional weight loss plans.

The vibration exercise machine available for this exercise regime releases a very well calculated frequency wavelength which spreads a very comfortable wave of vibration into your body. This vibration causes the fat cells in your body to heat up slightly and become sparse. This allows your body to easily access the fat cells and start digesting the fat which slims you down faster than if you were doing regular exercises. The other benefit of this type of exercise machine is that it helps provide relief from aches and muscle cramps as the vibrations give you a sense of relaxation. This form of exercise machine allows you to get more exercise done in less time and with reduced effort which is what everyone needs now to cope up with the increasingly busy lifestyle.

The vibrating machine uses a fast, rhythmic vibration to help you reach your fitness goals much faster and with much less effort than others. The mechanism which allows this to work is the vibration which is sent throughout the body creating a reflex action throughout your muscle tissues which makes them contract and relax in the same rhythm as the vibration. This happens involuntarily and does not require you to understand this. Since this is an involuntary and rhythmical motion, your muscles can work a lot more without you understanding a thing. Under the influence of the vibration machine, your voluntary muscles also work like your heart muscles which are involuntary and the best example of muscles which never gets tired. So as long as you are standing on the vibration platform your body is receiving a large amount of exercise without you even realizing it. You can augment the amount of emphasis that you would like to place on any certain part of your body by bringing that body part closer to the vibration generator.

Apart from getting you well toned and slimmed, this exercise machine can also make you more active and more energetic as the vibrations emitted from this allows your body to relax and reduce the level of stress as well as increase the flexibility of your body and enhances the bone density of your bones. However, keep in mind that this machine is just a machine and not a miracle worker, so if you really want to see major differences in your physical condition, you have to make lifestyle changes as well. This machine can accelerate your slimming process but you have to be the one maintaining the process so if you are standing on this machine with a bag of potato chips in your hand and a soda on the table beside then do not expect to get slim anytime soon.

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