Vibration Exercises

VibraSlim: Leading Company in Vibration Exercise

Today’s market offers a plethora of fitness and weight loss tools, products, and techniques. It can be hard to find the best method that not only fits into your schedule and budget, but also produces good results for your body type. Vibration exercise is one of the newest, and perhaps most efficient, methods for to increase fitness, burn fat, and leave you feeling fit and healthy! This method doesn’t require you to purchase a ton of exercise equipment, all you need is one vibrating exercise machine and your exercise clothes!

Muscle & Fitness Magazine boasts that this new technology is “One of the fastest growing fitness methods since spinning”. So, how does it work? Vibration exercise methods are being used by the world’s top sport teams and fitness professionals. The method uses a triangular oscillating vibration motion, which has been proven the safest vibration motion by medical professionals. The vibrating exercise machine used by VibraSlim is scientifically designed to make vibrations from the feet up, effectively distributing vibrational energy to the whole body. As a result, intense muscle fiber contractions occur 5-30 times each second. Research has shown that the human body’s reaction to this phenomenon is similar to one that occurs when it has to handle external stressors and stimuli. When the muscle fibers in the body contract, it can enhance metabolism, increase bone mineral amounts, reduce stress hormones, and even increase lymphatic flow.

Those that use vibrating machines for exercise, such as the VibraSlim machine, have noticed an increase in flexibility and range of motion. Using a vibrating exercise machine allows you to avoid the high impact of some exercise methods. The VibraSlim workout plan only requires you to use the vibrating exercise machine 3-7 days a week for only 10 minutes each day. Because you can alter your position and posture, vibration exercise can target many muscles in the body in just one workout. Additionally, the VibraSlim machine is safer and less taxing on your body than other exercise machines.

The method of using vibrating machines for exercise has undergone extensive scientific research. First used by the Soviet Space Program, vibrating machines for exercise helped in preventing cosmonauts from losing bone density and muscle tissue. In fact, when vibration machines for exercise were used, bone density increased ad muscle tissue strengthened. Thanks to the help of vibration exercise, the Russians were able to set a record for keeping individuals in space for the longest time period. Even today, NASA used vibrating machines for exercise. By 2010, 750 studies were conducted on vibration exercise.

VibraSlim was established in 2004 and has been the leading company in vibration exercise machines. VibraSlim has been working to produce not only great vibrating exercise machines, but also helpful exercise videos for all types of people. VibraSlim is so confident in their product and method that they offer a two year warranty and a lifetime motor warranty!

Don’t waste your time on traditional exercise methods, join celebrities, top sport teams, and fitness professionals by giving vibrating exercise machines a shot!