Vibration Training


Vibraslim is a vibration exerciser that provides the user with vibration training to tone and strengthen the body. It is made of the highest quality steel that guarantees years of optimal functioning.

Vibraslim is a breeze to operate. It uses 17 simple manual controls and three automatic vibration settings. The outcomes from whole body vibration are superb. Plus, our motors come with a lifetime warranty because we know our machines are built to last.

Using our vibration exerciser, Vibraslim, delivers superior results through whole body vibration. Using it will increase the human growth hormone (HGH) output by over 400%; increase bone density and collagen production while decreasing the appearance of cellulite; increase basal metabolic rate; decrease blood pressure and cortisol levels; elevate serotonin levels and improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. These are only some of the benefits of whole body vibration that Vibraslim produces.

Vibration Training

The VibraSlim produces whole vibration of muscles. Through whole body vibration involuntary muscle reflexes force muscles to fight back against forces the VibraSlim creates. This action is the same action muscles experiences during regular exercise. Vibration training produces this same movement, but in small, rapid movements. In ten minutes of whole vibration you achieve the workout results of a full session of cardiovascular and resistance training.

Why Vibraslim Works

The VibraSlim vibration exerciser increases metabolism, increases muscle mass, tones legs and reduces cellulite. Burning fat and building muscle are body reactions to exercise and Vibraslim produces it. Continuous vibration exercises increase levels of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which contribute to fat burning and muscle building. The more muscle the less fat. The more muscle, the more calories a person burns, even at rest. With whole vibration, circulation and metabolism increase leading to a release of stored toxins that contribute to the undesirable appearance of cellulite. Get rid of it for good with whole vibration that Vibraslim delivers.

Why Choose Vibraslim Over Other Machines

In comparison to other vibration fitness machines, Vibraslim vibration exerciser is intentionally affordable. We avoid the costs associated with retail sellers. Since we manufacture and sell our products directly to our customers, there are no add-on costs. Our machines go directly from us, the manufacturer, to you. Vibration training with Vibraslim will deliver superior results.

Look Who Uses Vibraslim

Madonna, Jessica Alba, Shaquille O’Neal, Lance Armstrong, Clint Eastwood, Supermodel Heidi Klum, designer Karl Lagerfeld, professional sports teams, health and fitness clubs, medical facilities, and universities are a few of the many individuals and organizations that have discovered Vibraslim.

Built on Scientific Principles and Supported by Research

Time Magazine quotes Vibraslim as “the new way to shake off the pounds.” It is backed by science and delivers results. Research Shows Vibraslim Works. Consistently, the results are positive. Vibration fitness is shown to produce results equal or greater to resistance training. A study of untrained females was conducted to measure and compare the results of vibration training with traditional cardiovascular training paired with resistance training. The females were separated into two groups. The first group participated in cardiovascular and resistance training. A second group participated in vibration exercise. Both groups trained 3 times a week for more than 3 weeks. The vibration group showed a significant higher strength gain by almost 10% more than the group that did cardiovascular and resistance training.