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Best Whole-body vibration machine - Simple to use controls get you going fastWhole-body fitness vibration has been the fastest growing fitness and training sector in North America for the past two years. Doctors, Chiropractors, Weight-loss and training professionals now use vibration exercise daily to treat and train their clients and patients. Vibration Fitness has changed the way professionals look at weight-loss and workouts. Well known teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL (New York Mets, Oakland Raiders, Atlanta Braves, Miami Dolphins, New York Giants, US Olympic) have added wholebody vibration training to their traditional workout programs. Other reputable organizations such as NASA, Yale, Stanford, Berkeley and USC, work with vibration training also.

Some of Hollywood’s most well-known trainers work their “A” list celebrity clients using vibration exercise to tone and build muscle. These trainers require the most advanced and most effective programs to keep their celebs healthy and happy and VibraSlim provides this.

Dr. William Deagle host of “The Nutrimedical Report”
The popular health and wellness radio show “The NutriMedical Report” hosted by Dr. William Deagle investigated and discussed the groundbreaking health/fitness phenomena known as the “VibraSlim Vibration Fitness Machine”. Dr. Deagle for the past two years been testing and researching the effects of VibraSlim’s Vibration Exercise for fitness and health. Dr. Deagle reported on the show that his research and the many published medical reports from doctors, universities and medical centers confirm that vibrating exercise has many benefits.
“The Doctors” TV Show
“The Doctors” TV show demonstrates how VibraSlim’s Vibration Exercise workout can be done in just 10 minutes. And further, how whole body vibration machines have become a fast growing fitness alternative.

Medical Professionals and Athletes using vibration exerciseMark Walberg, Sophia Bush, Madonna using vibration exercise

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