Whole Body Vibrations

The VibraSlim is Shaking Up the Fitness World With Its Fast Results

The VibraSlim is a powerful new tool developed from technology created by Russian space scientists. Over thirty years ago, these scientists were developing exercise machines for their cosmonauts traveling in space. Through their experimentation with vibration exercises the scientists discovered that body vibration would not only stop the loss experience by cosmonauts and astronauts, but also increase muscle tissue and bone density. The research and science behind the vibro plate and body vibration technology was so solid, after the fall of Russia, American scientists implemented the technology into the NASA program.

The VibraSlim brand has been the leader in whole body vibrations exercise since 2004. Through the committed work of their scientists and trainers, the VibraSlim line of body vibration instruments has become the world leader of body vibration exercise equipment. There are other machines out there that cost thousands more and which are super loud. The team at VibraSlim has worked to create a quality solid steel product that beats the competition, cost less and is very quiet.

Two names you may recognize who endorse and use the VibraSlim line of products are Michael Ventrella and Dr. John Spencer Ellis. Mr. Ventrella was the largest competitor to appear on TV’s The Biggest Loser and at 526 lbs. lost the most weight of any contestant. He is now using the VibraSlim as part of his regular fitness routine to keep in shape. Dr. Ellis is a world renowned fitness expert who has been featured on all of the major broadcast networks and helps train many celebrity athletes and movie celebrities. Dr. Ellis has even created fitness routines for Cirque Du Soleil and the United States Secret Service. Dr. Ellis is a firm believer in the benefits of the VibraSlim, as are Mark Whalberg, Sophia Bush and even Madonna.

The VibraSlim Exercise Machine is the future of vibro plate technology here today. In as little as ten minutes a day and three days a week, the user will achieve a new level of fitness, health and well-being. Most machines are using outdated piston technology, but through the vibro plates technology offered exclusively by VibraSlim, the user feels true multi-dimensional triangular oscillating motion which will give them a very rewarding workout.

The VibraSlim’s vibro plates induce whole body vibrations originating at the feet and moving up. The vibration exercises cause intense fiber contractions at the astonishing rate of 5 to 30 times per second. The manner to which the body responds to the whole body vibrations is quite amazing. The attempts of the human body to adapt to the vibro plate and vibration exercises causes enhanced metabolism, increased mineral density in bones, elevation of human growth hormone and many other benefits. One of the most amazing benefits of the vibro plates and their increase to fiber contractions is the dramatic increase to flexibility and to the entire range of motion.

The fascinating technology that increases whole body vibrations, stimulated from the vibro plate makes vibration exercises the easiest type of exercise on the market. You can literally spend about 10 minutes on the VibraSlim 3 – 7 days per week and watch television while you do it. You can enjoy the piece of mind in knowing that the vibro plates greatly reduce the tension to joints and tendons caused by normal exercise. With the lessened impact the user comes off the VibraSlim feeling relaxed and rested instead of exhausted and tired.

The VibraSlim is the clear choice for exercising today. The body vibration exercise technique is a wave of the future. Celebrities, sports teams and medical centers all swear by the fitness routine. Find out today why the best kept exercise secret on the market is your new VibraSlim.